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St Patrick's Day Images 2014

Saint Patrick, the holy saint of Irish community, is credited today for bringing the Christianity to Ireland. The St Patrick, day is celebrated every year on, March 17 in memory of this holy saint, in different regions across the globe.
Saint Patrick suffered from various life troubles, during his young age he was imprisoned as slave, by the Irish Protestants. Saint Patrick is also known for ridding the snakes from Ireland, but still many say that there haven’t been snakes ever in this region of the world. You may also look for St Patricks Day Images to get further details on it.

St Patrick's Day Images 2014

St Patrick's Day Images 2014

This day is celebrated with great in the parts of Ireland and republic of Ireland. Green colour and shamrock are the main symbol, dedicated to this festival. Individuals visit their nearest localities to watch the parade on this day. The major attractions of this fest day are Irish foods and drinks, which are most delicious menu in hotels and pubs. You would be able to observe different personnel’s, having Saint Patrick's Day Images in their hand, during the fest time.

If you haven’t been to such holy festival before then it’s the time to visit, to experience its enthusiasm, and spirit of the countrymen’s.
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St Patrick Days crafts

St Patrick day, also known as feast of Saint Patrick, is the historical and sacred festival of Irish community. Celebrated on 17th march, is registered as a national holiday in republic of Ireland and Ireland (United Kingdom). Born in roman society, St Patrick was imprisoned during his young age. After getting released he joined church in Ireland, and later on became a member of missionary.

St Patrick Days crafts 2014

St Patrick Days crafts

St Patrick Days Crafts are the major attraction of this day. The streets do get overcrowded due to popular, parade show. Green colour is the pride and symbol on the fest of Saint Patrick day. You cannot ignore the delicious Irish foods and drinks that are available widely on this eve.
Shamrock is the life symbol of this festival show, mostly carried by priests or other saints. Shamrock is basically an identical cross sign, dedicated from clover leaf. You will also get different patterns of Saint Patrick Days Crafts, in shamrock styles. Along with parades different dancing shows, musical shows and presentations are performed on this day.

The day is all dedicated to this holy saint who sacrificed his life for bringing Christian community to the Ireland. Better make a visit to this holy festival and experience the great deal of enthusiasm
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St Patrick Day Jokes

Saint Patrick, the holy saint of Irish community, is known for his sacrifice that he did to unite Christianity in Ireland. 17th of March, is considered as a day devoted to this holy saint, with lots of celebration and a national holiday. He died on 17th march, around 432 AD, and is buried at downpatrick.

St Patrick Day Jokes

St Patrick Day Jokes

1. Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?
(Real rocks are too heavy!)

2. Why can't you iron a four-leaf clover?
(Because you shouldn't press your luck!)

3. What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?
(A sham-rock!)

4. What type of bow cannot be tied?
(A rain-bow!)

5. Where can you always find gold?
(In the dictionary!)

6. Why do frogs like St. Patrick's Day?
(Because they're already wearing green!)

7. Why did the elephant wear green sneakers?
(Her red ones were in the wash!)

8. What did the leprechaun do for a living?
(He was a short-order cook!)

9. How can you tell if a leprechaun is having a good time?
(He is Dublin over with laughter!)

The fest day of St Patrick is symbol of spirit and enthusiasm shown for his respect, in different regions of the worlds including Ireland (United Kingdom) and Republic of Ireland. The showstopper attractions of this holy festival are parade marches, dance shows, musical shows and different quiz shows, along with St Patrick Day Jokes.

St Patrick day’s major symbol is green colour, which is mostly worn with different styles of dressings. Shamrock is the key and holy symbol of this festival, resembling the leaf of clove plant. The hotels and pubs offer special Irish dishes and Drinks to enjoy the fest day full of enthusiasm. You cannot ignore getting Saint Patrick Day Jokes while visiting the parade area.

This religious day is now among the world’s most popular festival, bringing out its self craze among the Christianity. It’s time to make a visit and be a part of celebration.
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St Patrick Day Cards 2014

Every year on, March 17th, Irish community and other communities of the world celebrate St Patrick Day enthusiastically. This festival is dedicated to holy saint, St Patrick, who is known as the patron of Irish community.
Many say today that Christianity got its name fame in Ireland due to St Patrick’s effort and dedication only. The fest day is filled with enthusiastic personnel’s who visit the road shows, and different organized parades in their locality. Along with parades, different dance shows, foods, drinks are also the major attraction of this holy festival. The shops are also filled with several varieties of St Patrick Day Cards.

St Patrick Day Cards 2014

St Patrick Day Cards 2014

If you haven’t been in such show before then it’s necessary to know that the festival requires you to wear green colour outfits. Shamrock is the chief symbol on the celebration day, along with different serpents, snakes and flag of republic of Ireland.
The celebration day has no age barrier, as every gender category is available to watch the show. You can’t ignore the delicates and special Irish drinks on this day, which are widely available in different hotels and pubs, with several St Patrick Day Cards to buy.

 If haven’t been to such show before, it’s time to backpack your luggage and move on to Republic of Ireland.
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Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Saint Patrick was among those saints who made his life devoted for Christianity and bringing it to the regions of Ireland. He died on 17th March, around 432 AD, which made this day as a holy one. Today every year this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the different Irish communities of the world.

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

This upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day 2014, is going to be a special one for the visitors. It would include several dance performance, musical performance and the famous parade show.
St Patrick Day’s major symbol are green colour and shamrock, same belonging to the shape of clove tree leaf. There is a complete preparation being done by different hotels and pubs this St. Patrick’s Day 2014, to represent special Irish dishes and drinks. You cannot ignore such mouth watery stuffs on this day at all.
Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

No matter what age group you belong to, there is something special about this holy festival, which attracts major number of Personnel’s to watch and enjoy. If you haven’t planned yet then get set now to make your presence to world’s most sacred and popular shows. The time is arriving just move on now and make it a memorable identity of lifetime.
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Friday, 7 March 2014

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Saint Patrick, holy saint of Irish community, is among the most popular saints of world today. He was born in 387 BC, Kilpatrick, at Dumbarton, died on March 17, around 461 century, in Downpatrick, Ireland. He belonged to roman community and while reaching his adult age was imprisoned by Irish civilians. After his release, he moved on to join church, following his ancestor’s culture, and later became a member of missionary.
 St Patrick’s Day Parade

During his imprisonment he turned his belief, following the norms of god. While he was 20, he escaped with a dream of God, commanding him to leave Ireland through the coastal area. Through help of costal sailors he moved to Britain and once again joined his family. He had another dream, where the personnel’s were screaming to come along with their fear and heart and stand as a mentor of their life.
Saint Patrick later ordained baptism, and went to Gospel in Ireland. He preached the individuals and later on this resulted into the development of lots of churches around the world. He also wrote a novelty to reach God, in his famous book named as “God in Confessions”
The day is known to be a public holiday in different regions of Ireland (United Kingdom) and republic of Ireland. The day is dedicated to green colour, along with the cultural, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Every group of individuals wear green colour clothing, and carry Celtic cross, snakes, pot of gold, serpents and harp, along with the flag of Republic of Ireland. Shamrock is the chief symbol of this festival, generally a leaf of clove plant.
Every year the Irish regions host the St. Patrick Day Parade with different floats, street theatre and marching bands. All these parades are represented by Irish personnel’s including the members of different destinations of Irish community. By making your presence in such parades you may easily identify 10 metre, high tomb, of Saint Patrick. You would also be able to enjoy several dance shows, music fests, sports and films.
This parade show is claimed to be the oldest of all time, organized since 1762, and one of the largest show of the world. You would also get feel of enthusiasm while watching the bagpiper and marching dance in this parade show.
This festive season offers the individuals to experience great taste of Irish foods and drinks, among different hotels and pubs. The main menu of this festive season includes Irish Bread, Beef, Irish potato soup, Irish stew, corned beef and Guinness pie. So, if you haven’t been to such parade show before then it’s the perfect time to get set and make a visit for a lifelong experience.
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What is St Patrick’s Day

What is St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is also termed as the feast of St Patrick, it is a religious holiday celebrated on 17th march worldwide. The name itself denotes that this fest is named after Saint Patrick, recognized as the patron St of Ireland, who administered Christianity during fifteenth century.
What is St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick was born in roman Britain, during his adult age he was imprisoned by Irish raiders but soon he returned his home and joined the church, following his ancestor’s culture. Later on he joined missionary and dedicated his life working on north and western parts of Irish regions. Many say that he released the personnel’s of Ireland from deadly snakes while he was alive. It is said that he died around 493 BC, on 17th of March, and is buried under down cathedral area in Ireland.
Today almost every part of world celebrates this cultural festival but Irish communities and its associate organization celebrate it with great zeal. Wearing green colour clothing is the identity of this celebration, along with Irish drinks and foods, marinated in green colour. Most of the pubs and restaurants present special Irish meals to their customers such as Irish coffee, Irish stew, Beef and Guinness pie, corned beef, cabbage, Irish potato soup along with Irish brown bread.
St Patrick’s Day 2014 is national bank holiday in the regions of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) and Republican of Ireland. Most of the cities and town are overcrowded with parades held in different areas and streets. The major symbol of celebration of this day is shamrock, basically a leaf of clover plant, resembling the symbol of holy trinity. Most of the individuals visit to their nearest communities for observing the parades, wearing green colour clothes along with the flag of Republic of Ireland. Wearing green colour clothing has been a political statement of this day; soldiers of Irish army wear such clothing to attract public towards their identity.
Many other associated religious symbols used by individuals on Saint Patrick’s Day 2014 include snakes, Celtic cross, harp, pot of gold, leprechaun and serpents. There has been a saying that st Patrick added sun to this world, this powerful symbol made the creation of Celtic cross on this day. The countries other than Irish republic that celebrate this day includes, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, United States and Japan.
Originally the associated colour of clothing worn on this day was blue, but with the change of time it has turned to green. Irish government declared this fest as a national holiday, to rank it among all other great festival celebrations of the world. It is now the motivational festive to bring all communities together and enjoy it with full of enthusiasm.

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